Referring Dentists

We welcome professional referrals on any case that may require subspecialty assistance. We feel confident in our ability to work professionally with the most difficult cases and take referrals very seriously. Once the case is completed we refer the patient back to your office for maintenance and regular care.

Why refer to us? We can grow your practice by providing high patient satisfaction:

  • Emergency dentist care without disrupting your schedule
  • Provide state of the art technology
  • Come up with a state of the art and correct diagnosis
  • Treatment plan cases with an interdisciplinary approach
  • Provide alternative treatment plans many times pushing the envelope of science.
  • Handle difficult cases
  • Coordinate implant placement, transitional prosthesis, orthodontic therapy, endodontic therapy, surgery and final restorations under one roof.
  • Expedite treatment execution and return the patient promptly to you
  • Match any dental color achieving superior esthetic and functional results
  • Manage the difficult transitions and risky procedures such as removable complete dentures or fix cases that require change in the bite.
  • Excel at difficult cases such as immediate implant placement (immediate loading)
  • Provide second opinions and brainstorm solutions for your patients.

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